advent analogies

advent analogies

Dear friends,

Advent is about hope.

The Christian life is sometimes compared to engagement: God gives us his promise, the presence of his Spirit, like an engagement ring. And we’re looking forward to meeting Jesus when he comes and celebrating the Church’s wedding banquet together.

The Christian life is also sometimes compared to pregnancy: God has given us new life, but we experience pains in the world. We know that the pains will get even worse, before we are delivered into eternal life with our Father.

And the Christian life is also sometimes compared to a plant: God sows the seed, which is his word. This gradually grows and produces fruit, until the time of the harvest.

Three pictures full of hope, of expectancy, of waiting and watching. Do you have hope this Advent?

Last weekend we heard eight members of Christ Church sharing about their experience of God’s love, at our Christingle Service and at the Lord Jim Pub. It was great for Alex and me to be able to just sit and listen! But we were filled with hope hearing the amazing, different ways in which God has poured out his love in their lives.

This coming Sunday we have two special guests, from two of our social action project partners. Bishop Celso in the morning, to tell us about Igreja na Rua. And Edmeia Williams in the evening, from Casa de Maria e Martha. Come to both! More info below…

With love

Mark and Alex