Bring and share…

Bring and share…

Dear friends,

My former principal at theological college used to talk about two ways of ‘being at church’.  The first was, he said, a pick and mix approach; in this model, church is like a restaurant and you come with your menu of things you like and don’t like in order to receive and take what you need for the week ahead.  You avoid the things on the ‘menu’ that do not suit you and just participate in the things that do.  The other approach is more of a ‘bring and share’.  You don’t simply come to receive but also to give – that might be more formally, helping on the welcome or kids team, leading prayers and so on; but it is also bringing an eye open for the newcomer to welcome in, an encouraging word, a sense of humour to share, a verse from the bible to encourage someone because perhaps it encouraged you this week.

As we gear up for Sunday, What will you bring to church?  A list of expectations to be met or with something else to encourage and build up the church family, and while you do, you’ll find God will give you more than you brought.

When you come together, everyone has a psalm or a teaching, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. All of these must be done to build up the church. (1 Cor 14:26)

This week’s ‘shining the light’ asks us to ‘bring’ afew things with us to church over the next few weeks – A friend for the family fun day; a meal or other help for one of the members of our church family and a warm welcome to our new intern who starts this week.

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With love,

Mark and Alex