Creation Care

‘You care for the land and water it, you enrich it abundantly’ says the psalmist in Psalm 65… If God cares for his creation, why shouldn’t we? We are made in his image after all…  So over the last year we’ve been exploring how we can do that in our little spot of Rio de Janeiro.

There’s no such thing as waste

We’ve been getting our hands dirty with composting and growing on site. In the vicarage garden, we’ve been composting everyday kitchen waste, as well fruit scraps and coffee granules from Sunday morning breakfast, drawing off the expertise of Lucas from Ciclo Orgânico. If you’re looking for compost for the plants on your balcony, we have a fresh pile in the garden! And if you want to reduce your household rubbish by a lot of %, bring your raw food scraps to the vicarage garden on Sundays.

Feeding a flock

The vicarage garden produced a good yield of kale, tomatoes and cucumber until the the various different forms of munching competitors (green bugs, ants, woodworm…) got the better of everything. We would love to start planting and growing again, so if you’re interested get in touch!

The people and places behind the products

Mark and Karen have been working on addressing how we source our much-used and much-loved everyday items at church. So we’re now using recycled paper, Nativa organic sugar, and our coffee is sourced directly from a farm run by Anderson Naves in Rio state. Finally, hip hip hooray, instead of plastic cups (which can take over 100 years to break down) we’ve been drinking out of cups made out of manioc, labelled ‘já fui mandioca’ (currently decomposing in the vicarage compost). And if you’d like to bring your own mug to Sunday morning coffee, that would be a great trend to set…

It’s a no-brainer

We called in Artysol to install solar powered panels on the vicarage roof to heat our water, instead of relying on gas and electricity, making the best use of the sun which shines all year round!

What’s coming up next?

We’re hoping to work towards joining the Eco Church award scheme, run by A Rocha UK ‘Caring for God’s Earth’, we’re looking into joining a carbon offsetting scheme for those who wish to contribute when they fly, and, er, any beekeepers out there? If you have any ideas, get in touch!