digging deep…

digging deep…

Dear friends,

A big welcome for those of you who are new to Rio. We are so pleased to have met many of you at Christ Church in recent weeks! This is a great city and as a church we feel called to bless this city with God’s light and peace.

Little Stars continues to be a wonderful gathering place for parents and their little ones and we want to especially recognise and thank Jane for her vision and dedication in establishing this exciting gathering. Jane is now handing over the baton to Jess with Kat and the rest of the team, and we are so grateful to her for creating a safe and joyful place for little ones and their parents.

Jane is now diverting more of her energies in the local Santa Marta community. Today she headed up with a courageous and well-prepared team of volunteers to teach English to the children of our partner project, Casa de Maria e Martha. After a successful lesson, they were shocked to hear the sound of gunfire nearby and had to duck for cover with the children. The team were remarkably calm and were ably looked after and escorted from the community by the project staff, including the inspirational Eloisa (who was interviewed at Christ Church in June).

We will be taking time to pause, to pray, and to find out more of what was going on so that we can properly re-evaluate the risks of serving in our different projects. We continue to be fully committed to ‘seeking the peace of the city to which God has brought us‘. (Jeremiah 29:7)

Read on to find out more about the other activities starting up in coming weeks.

With love,

Mark and Alex