just looking?

just looking?

Dear friends,

Have you stopped to say hello recently?

I love the story of the sick woman who saw Jesus and thought “if I can just touch the hem of his garment…” Jesus stopped. He called her out of the crowd and looked at her. They spoke, and she went away healed and at peace (Luke 8:42-48).

I went out to grab a snack the other day. I wasn’t really in the mood for talking to anyone, it was so hot and I was so hungry! “Esfiha + Refresco R$2,50” was a great offer so I ordered two. And as I stood there eating the first, I reluctantly decided to start a conversation with the seller.

We realised soon enough that his English was much better than his Portuguese – as is mine! He was a refugee from Damascus. He had suffered to make it to Brazil, although getting a visa had been easy. And he was from a Christian family, his parents and grandparents even spoke Aramaic! So I invited him to Church, and to have a stall at our Market. And we prayed together there next to his stall. I’m glad I stopped to speak.

The next Market is on Saturday 27 January. This time we’re going to have our very own stall, selling marmalade and other delights to support our partner projects. All alongside the local, sustainable producers of the Junta Local and the refugee producers of Chega Junto. Linger a little. We can learn a lot when we stop to speak.

There won’t be a Bible School, because we’re planning a new Sunday morning Bible Study. More details soon…

With love,

Mark and Alex