The British Burial Fund

The English Cemetery was founded soon after Dom João VI set up court in Rio, and is built on land donated by the Emperor. The first burial took place on January 5, 1811, when a Mr William Bentley was buried, so the cemetery is now 201 years old. The cemetery is located at Rua da Gamboa, 181, behind the Central Railway Station and through Gamboa tunnel, in front of the Cidade do Samba.

The British Burial Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, and the officers for 2012 are the Chaplain of Christ Church as Chairman, Chris Hieatt as Hon. Treasurer and Noreen Vanderput as Hon secretary. The Trustees are Noreen Smith and Gerard Lies; and the committee members are the Consul General, Paula Walsh, and Ron Lees, representing the Royal British Legion. General maintenance expenses are covered by donations, annual fees, and the sale of plots. Individual grave maintenance is the responsibility of the owner of the grave. Memorial garden benches can be sponsored and you can also make a donation to the British Cemetery by contacting the Botafogo office.

The cemetery is open from 8am to 4pm throughout the week, and at weekends and holidays by appointment. The office is located at Rua Real Grandeza, 99, Botafogo, where the Administrator attends to the purchase of plots, burials, payment of dues, etc. Burial in Brazil normally takes place within twenty four hours of death. The BBF office can recommend undertakers or Funeral Services, who also help with the official death certificate. The British Consulate will issue a British Death Certificate if required, on the payment of a fee and presentation of the local certificate and British Passport of the deceased.

For cremation previous arrangements must be made, and this can be done at the BBF office. The Crematório de São Francisco Xavier is located within the Cemitério do Cajú, Tel: 2580-8628. Within the Gamboa Cemetery there is a garden of remembrance with a wall for plaques in memory of cremated relatives.

Useful contacts:

Cemetery: 2233-4237
BBF office: 2286-7899
Christ Church office: 2226-7332
Honorary Treasurer: 2274-4506