Social Action

Christ Church Rio’s calling to be the light of Christ in Rio de Janeiro means that as a church, we are committed to giving our resources and time to support our poor and vulnerable neighbours. As a church we give away 10% of our income to initiatives working to transform lives and communities and alleviate hardship. Church members champion particular projects or organisations, and our Social Action Hub makes recommendations to the church leadership on the assessment and allocation of resources, according to our key criteria.

We currently provide inclusive support (both financial and non-financial) to three local organisations:

Casa de Maria e Martha – working with children in the Santa Marta favela;

São Martinho – which works to transform the lives of Rio’s vulnerable children and young people;

and Word Made Flesh‘s Projeto Ester – working to help women recover from drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and hopelessness.

In addition, this year we provided one-off financial support to help finish the building of Casa Cruzeiro‘s community centre, which serves the people of Morro da Providência in Rio’s oldest favela.

Other activities

We also support the Street Church project via our Street Supplies initiative, through which church members donate food and non-food items for the homeless people who come once a week to the street church downtown.

Our Skills Bank offers an opportunity for the whole church family to use their skills, gifts, and time to build up the church and the wider community, and allows the Social Action Hub to connect our social action partners with individuals offering specific skills they particularly require.