You Come, You Serve

You Come, You Serve

You Come, You Serve

Hi there! We believe that God has called us as a church to shine as brightly as we can for Him here in Rio and the only way that can happen is if we all get involved. Many of you already serve in different ways in the church and wider community but this questionnaire will help make sure we can do all the things and help all the people we possibly can as a church family. Please can you take 4 minutes to complete the form and send it back to us.


Where you could serve?

There are four 'teams' you can join at Christ Church depending on your interest and time you have. Please take a look at the list below and tick the area(s) that you would be interested in finding out more about. Please tick as many as you think you have time to be involved with. And remember that God has all given us the ability to do something......

Sunday Team

Welcome TeamAudio/VisualsWorshipIntercessionsPrayer MinistryRefreshmentsReadingPreachingLeading

Kids and Families Team

Kids Church Team (children from 3-12)Family Room (being with parents / toddlers on Sunday mornings )Little Stars Team (parent & little ones group)Babysitting (during church events so parents can attend)Well Versed Kids (mid-week kids group)

Behind the Scenes Team

GardeningOffice Support (book keeping, project management, legal knowledge)Website & Social Media (development / maintenance)Pastoral Visiting (e.g. those who are unwell, lonely, etc)Books Project (help sort through and put up books in the church cloister)Cooking (e.g. a meal for someone ill or with a new baby)Prayer Team (for people / needs in the community)

Looking Outwards Team

Alpha TeamFamily Fun Days (hosting stalls, serving drinks and food for community inviting events)Casa de Mary e Marta (a children’s charity in Santa Marta)Setting Up for EventsSao Martinho (charity supporting street children based in Centro)Word Made Flesh (charity supporting vulnerable women based in Centro)Igreja na Rua (weekly service and handing out of food and supplies for homeless people in Centro)A Rocha(environmental planning etc)Markets (e.g. welcoming for events i.e. Chega Junto)

Is there anything that you feel called to in the life of the church? We'd love to support you in that. Tell us about it here:

Your Skills or Experience:

It's really helpful for us to know what skills or abilities you have that may be just what we are looking for.

Do you have any skills you would be willing to volunteer in aid of the church? (e.g. legal advice, translation skills, counselling, photography, graphic design).

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your skills, or any details you'd like to add?

How often might you be able to offer your time and skills?